Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This year's Health Literacy Month project is about stories. A remarkable team of volunteers and I are gathering stories from people everywhere about why health literacy matters and ways to improve understanding. We will be posting one or more stories each day in October on the Health Literacy Month website, www.healthliteracymonth.org

You can help. Think of the time you first knew that health literacy mattered. This realization may have come from an event, interaction, or experience you had as a patient, family member, friend, student, teacher, librarian, caregiver, or health professional. Tell us your story in words, photos, videos, or audio recording. Please frame your story in a positive way and make it "come alive" by including:
  • Character: who this happened to
  • Setting: where or when this took place
  • Obstacle: barrier or problem
  • Resolution: what happened, how obstacles were overcome
  • Call to action: lessons learned along the way

Act now. We have just a few remaining story slots. Please send your story to story@healthliteracy.com no later than August 31, 2009. Want to know more? Please go to www.healthliteracymonth.org or email Helen Osborne at helen@healthliteracy.com

Health literacy. What's YOUR story?